Surrealism Challenge [Berry’s Meme]

This is the very first challenge of Strawberry Singh I take part in and so I am really excited to show my results… I took the pictures at my own parcel of land (NetzFaktorei) and you will see that I bought some marvelous items at the Designers United Event. Here are three of the twenty pictures I made – I find it too hard to decide which one is THE one…





Location: NetzFaktorei (my own parcel of land) (SLURL)
Dress: {ZAARA} Vayu Gown *breeze*
Hair:  {Sleepy Eddy} Baphomet (White) – bought at the Designers United Event (SLURL)
Rabbit HeadPicnic rabbit head DU5,ltd F(wear) by nyasyousa Oh (see blog post) – bought at the Designers United Event (SLURL)
Wings: blue wings by Faerie Muse (old stuff)


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