Imagination [Sim Tip]

This is a „me too“ post because Ziki already did it and Cait did it, too… But I wanted to see it with my own virtual eyes and catch the vibes there on my own and so I spent about an hour at Imagination (SLURL).

Imagination-bearb-05I took some pictures and decided to process them a bit (via pixlr-o-matic – a free online photo editor) to tease out the special mood of the oustanding arrangements with many delightful details.


You have to be really nosey to find out some of the details – for example the next scene only appears if you climb an inconspicuous ladder somewhere next to one of the trees…


There are places to rest everywhere around the sim. Just walk through the water, it isn’t deep at all.


Maybe not everybody notices it but Imagination has got its own little shop: You can buy lovely animals, especially birds, with sounds – just be on the lookout for these easels near the girl with the kite on the bridge…



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