My Second Life Bucket List [Berry’s Meme]

Meme Instructions: Share at least 5 items on your Second Life Bucket List and try and complete one of the items on the list this week.

Again this is an elder challenge of Strawberry Singh but it is never too late to think about my bucket list – never until …

What I want to do before I, my avatar or Second Life dies:

#01 Run a successfull big eLearning project in Second Life! – I strongly believe in the power of 3D virtual learning and I have been active in this field in many aspects (e.g. here and here and here) and also I have attended the VWBPE Conferences for the last three years. But after a little hype of eLearning in SL in 2009/2010 it is now quite silent in Germany for that matter. As I am a Distance Learning Geek I would love to involve students in using virtual worlds for their learning. Maybe you didn’t know that my parcel of land is at the German sim Campus Hamburg? There is still hope…

#02 Produce a machinima on my own! – I love SL machinimas and I am so keen on knowing all the technical aspects because I want to be independent to do machinimas on my own.

#03 Bring my best RL friend to Second Life! – I know she is very interested and curious but she hasn’t got a computer which is „strong“ enough. Not just yet..

#04 Learn to photoshop my raw shots! – Not really outstanding this goal I know but something this is really virgin soil for me…

#05 Make nudie pics! – As a feminist it is not always easy to deal with nudity and beauty ideals and so on. But Nudity in public pictures is also a difficult subject because you can irritate or trigger people by showing them nudity without warning and this is what I want to avoid. But it was this Topless Tuesday Post (again of Strawberry Singh) that encourages me… So this is what I did this week as you can see… 🙂



Skin: [KOOQLA] Queens (Black) by Rocketta Haven – bought at Designers United 5 (Event until 4th October)
Corset: (old stuff in my inventory)
Tattoo: (old stuff in my inventory)
Planetary Ball: wanderer by Newreem Waffle – bought at Designers United 5 (Event until 4th October)


My 7 SL Facts [Berry’s Meme]

To become familiar with my new avatar blogging strategy I decided to do some elder challenges of Strawberry Singh – for example this one about personal SL facts concerning the avatar’s „behaviour“:

My SL Fact #1: I always wear white (or grey, silver, platin) hair in Second Life as this has been my natural Real Life Hair colour for over 20 years now. As a side effect I love the lightness of the pictures through white hair…

My SL Fact #2: I somehow hate to change my appearance – sounds a bit funny, doesn’t it? I nearly always wear the same glasses (and this is because I do NOT in First Life. 🙂 I love glasses but my eyes are – lucky me – absolutely fine) and I nearly always wear the same clunky shoes because they have a nice walk animation with sound included and I love making and hearing noises in Second Life (see Fact #5)…

My SL Fact #3: All my pictures are raw shots as I know nothing about using photoshop. I often look enviously at all the perfectly finished pictures of all the SL fashion bloggers but for me it is a long way to go there…

My SL Fact #4: Over the last three years I have indulged myself in owning a quite huge parcel of land even in times I didn’t spend a minute in Second Life over months. I love my parcel and I love the way my friend Barlok Barbosa arranged it with lovely details even under water! One of my next posts will be a galery of pictures from down there…

My SL Fact #5: In private contexts I do not use voice for having conversations, only in business contexts. So don’t try to talk to me – just chat! 🙂 What I used voice for were my readings (over months in 2009/2010 every Monday evening for ten minutes at my campfire) but before and after my readings I became silent and chatted with the audience… I love to be silent in Second Life and I never listen to any radio because I a really appreciate well made sounds of the surrounding. I wish everybody would pay attention to this aspect of designing a sim…

My SL Fact #6: I have no alt. Well, I have one but I never use it. I understand that there are good reasons to have one but for me it is too confusing… 😉

My SL Fact #7: I had pixel sex. Once. *blush*



Location: The Far Away (SLURL)
Hair: >TRUTH< Aradhana – snow
Earring: {ZAARA} ZC : Kaya malachite earing – silver
Blouse: {ZAARA} ZC :  Anjuna shirt *red*
Glasses: <SE> Modern Eyeglasses
Necklace: Locked ! Necklace :: Primitive Design :: by sHin Voom (old stuff in my inventar)


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Surrealism Challenge [Berry’s Meme]

This is the very first challenge of Strawberry Singh I take part in and so I am really excited to show my results… I took the pictures at my own parcel of land (NetzFaktorei) and you will see that I bought some marvelous items at the Designers United Event. Here are three of the twenty pictures I made – I find it too hard to decide which one is THE one…





Location: NetzFaktorei (my own parcel of land) (SLURL)
Dress: {ZAARA} Vayu Gown *breeze*
Hair:  {Sleepy Eddy} Baphomet (White) – bought at the Designers United Event (SLURL)
Rabbit HeadPicnic rabbit head DU5,ltd F(wear) by nyasyousa Oh (see blog post) – bought at the Designers United Event (SLURL)
Wings: blue wings by Faerie Muse (old stuff)