My 7 SL Facts [Berry’s Meme]

To become familiar with my new avatar blogging strategy I decided to do some elder challenges of Strawberry Singh – for example this one about personal SL facts concerning the avatar’s „behaviour“:

My SL Fact #1: I always wear white (or grey, silver, platin) hair in Second Life as this has been my natural Real Life Hair colour for over 20 years now. As a side effect I love the lightness of the pictures through white hair…

My SL Fact #2: I somehow hate to change my appearance – sounds a bit funny, doesn’t it? I nearly always wear the same glasses (and this is because I do NOT in First Life. 🙂 I love glasses but my eyes are – lucky me – absolutely fine) and I nearly always wear the same clunky shoes because they have a nice walk animation with sound included and I love making and hearing noises in Second Life (see Fact #5)…

My SL Fact #3: All my pictures are raw shots as I know nothing about using photoshop. I often look enviously at all the perfectly finished pictures of all the SL fashion bloggers but for me it is a long way to go there…

My SL Fact #4: Over the last three years I have indulged myself in owning a quite huge parcel of land even in times I didn’t spend a minute in Second Life over months. I love my parcel and I love the way my friend Barlok Barbosa arranged it with lovely details even under water! One of my next posts will be a galery of pictures from down there…

My SL Fact #5: In private contexts I do not use voice for having conversations, only in business contexts. So don’t try to talk to me – just chat! 🙂 What I used voice for were my readings (over months in 2009/2010 every Monday evening for ten minutes at my campfire) but before and after my readings I became silent and chatted with the audience… I love to be silent in Second Life and I never listen to any radio because I a really appreciate well made sounds of the surrounding. I wish everybody would pay attention to this aspect of designing a sim…

My SL Fact #6: I have no alt. Well, I have one but I never use it. I understand that there are good reasons to have one but for me it is too confusing… 😉

My SL Fact #7: I had pixel sex. Once. *blush*



Location: The Far Away (SLURL)
Hair: >TRUTH< Aradhana – snow
Earring: {ZAARA} ZC : Kaya malachite earing – silver
Blouse: {ZAARA} ZC :  Anjuna shirt *red*
Glasses: <SE> Modern Eyeglasses
Necklace: Locked ! Necklace :: Primitive Design :: by sHin Voom (old stuff in my inventar)


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