Look alike Someone like You :-)

Thanks to Strawberry Singh and her freshest blog challenge I have to disclose the secret of my new shape… Her instructions: Share a selfie of your avatar and a picture of the person you feel most looks like your avatar, or someone people have told you looks like your avatar or someone you tried to base your avatar’s looks on.

Only a few weeks ago I changed my shape for the very first time after my start in Second Life in 2009. I always had been quite proud of my first, my „original“ shape, because I managed that my avatar resemble a bit like my Real Life appearance. And I was overjoyed when Zee made me this compliment about that. Of course I saved my original shape – but for the last weeks I have been very happy with my new one.

This is the very first picture I took of my new appearance:


To tell you the truth: I became crazy about an avatar and I wanted to look like her. Her name is Evangelical Resident and this was the first blog post of her which I noticed – and from this moment I was thrilled by her current look. Her blog has got the litle Someone like you so this is the key to my post headline … What happened next after I found the blog of Evangelical Resident might sound a bit crazy but I did it: I bought a skin from Fade Lei / Ugly Duck (SLURL) as she is always wearing Ugly Duck skins. I bought my hair at Dura (SLURL) as I like her most with her unisex Dura hair. And I tried out to imitate her shape… For me it’s a really new experience to have such an androgynous appearance.

So this is the whole story about my Look Alike… I hope you will recognize that I still got my own style… 😉



UPDATE, 5th Nov 13

Gosh! I tried out the using this Celebrity Look A Like Generator mentioned in Berrys post and these are the results: