Me, myself and I @ Facebook

Seit zehn Tagen hat Dora Quar eine eigene Facebook-Seite. Ich poste dort vorrangig auf deutsch über spannende Events, interessante Projekte, bemerkenswerte Locations und alles, was mich in und an Second Life begeistert – und hin und wieder natürlich auch mal ein Selbstportrait… 😉 // It was just ten days ago that I startet with my Facebook Fanpage Dora Quar. It was the same day I decided to become an avatar blogger and to reform this private blog. And of course I myself (my „RL avatar“) was my first fan. 😉

The same day when I started this fanpage I also signed up at Flickr – so now I guess I have enough accounts for the legitimation to the Social Media Meme of Straberry Singh – here we go answering Berry’s questions:

What was the first social network you joined using your SL Avatar?
Twitter in 2009 – that means: until now over 800 tweets and nearly 300 followers! Ich twittere übrigens meistens auf deutsch.

Which social networks are you currently on using your SL Avatar?

Which network is your favorite?
I have discovered Bloglovin just some days ago and I have fallen in love immediately! It’s more than a blog feed reader, it reminds me of Twitter as you can follow other users and you can highlight/bookmark and share your favorite blog posts in your timeline. And the way the posts in the timeline are represented is really smart. Just have a look!

Which network is your least favorite?
Non of these four. 😉 But there are many I do not use at the moment as an SL avatar like Google+ because I do not see what I get there other ore more than at these four.

Which network do you have the most amount of connections?
Twitter. But I have to admit that the others are too fresh for a comparison.

How/Where do you usually read/use most of your networks?
On my iPad – on the way or before sleep.

What are your favorite social networking apps? (if applicable)
To be honest: I am not an app geek, I do not use any…

What do you like most about social networking sites?
I love the effect of seredipity! I love to be connected in a way that so much interesting information reaches me without searching after them…

What do you like least about social networking sites?
For the same reason (see answer above) I hate the perpetual risk of procrastination…

Do you feel social networks are a good way to promote you/your brand/your work?
Let me quote the very wise words of Straberry Singh answering this question – they reflect my opinion: „I feel that there is a trick to every social network. Before you sign up and just start spamming your information, it’s good to get a feel of what the community there is like and how to use the network efficiently.“

What is your main reason for using Social Networks?
It is great fun and deeply satisfying to find communities with the same interests. And I have been impressed for several times by the readiness to help and the cooperativeness of the people I am connected with. Beyonf that I have made the experience that it is possible to know each other in a deeper sense without having any contact from face to face.

For that I am very thankful for the opportunities trough social media – and I hope to meet YOU, too!


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