My Autumn Meme


Sorry for reblogging this picture but it fits so well to Berry’s Monday Meme today and to be honest: I am a bit keen on showing it to a larger audience. I am quite proud of my disheveled hair which I bought at the Designers United Event (open until 4th Oct).

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My answers to Berry’s questions

Is autumn your favorite season? Why or why not? – I love the Indian summer in late August (my birthday month). In Germany we call it „Altweibersommer“ what means something like „old shews summer“. It’s a wonderfull period with still warm days for the best campfire evenings…

Do you call it Autumn or Fall? – Well, I am German, so I say „Herbst“. 😉 When I switch into English I love the word „Fall“ due to the symbolic impact.

What kind of weather does your area get during this season? – Some say it is rainy and windy the whole time in Germany but the my truth is: There are only lovely days for a walk through the forrests with yellow and red leaves and always more than a handful chestnuts..

Which color do you always associate with autumn? – The chestnut colour: brown.

Which Autumn themed sim is your favorite at the moment? – I took this picture at Small Town Green (SLURL) which I first noticed in a post of Zee a couple of weeks ago and which I felt in love with not only because of the wonderful autumn scene but in addition because of the marvelous water side where I took some pics with a special melancholic mood.

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Jacket / {ZAARA} ZC : Inka jacket
Shirt / {ZAARA} ZC : 3 Isis shirt *pitch*
Pants / FAV FADED JEANS (old stuff in my inventory)


Glasses / !! NE! Monocle* (old stuff in my inventory)
Earrings / {ZAARA} ZC : leaf bunched
Necklace / {ZAARA} ZC : Parnini Necklace *amber* (chest)


Skin / -Glam Affair- Leah Tan – 01 BL HB
Eyes / pc eyes by LL – poison ivy – medium
Hair / [INK] Hair___SURREALISM for DU5 ::BrownGRD


Location / Small Town Green (SLURL)


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